Marketing Campaign

I have been working on a Marketing Campaign for Community Building, which is about how we could help out our community to make it better with a organization (A better LA) to help them get more money for their donations to help fight for what is right for the community. We want to help kids find their way out of joining gangs or having to live with violence in their life. That is why we are doing this Marketing Campaign to help the organizations get more donations to help LA become a better place and for kids to keep their life straight and to not hit a bump and stop their life to become part of a gang or part of violence in their life.

Click the picture above to come and visit our website.

My favorite Sports!

Hi, it’s Mikayla or Mikayla21fly here with another post for you!

My favorite sports are Football, Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball. My favorite teams out of those sports are Dallas Cowboys (Football), Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala (Soccer), Dodgers (Baseball), Lakers, Clippers, and Golden State Warriors (Basketball). Cowboys are my life. Also Dodgers are 4 life.





Hope you guys like this post and agree with some of the sports I like!!!